controlling changes over time in your standard cell culture plate.

controlling changes over time in your standard cell culture plate.

Everything changes over time in our body. For example drugs, enzyme activity and glucose.

But everything in your cell culture is static. Or undergoes uncontrolled changes.

Think of all the possibilities when we mimic real-life kinetics of reagents in vitro.

we connect your cell culture using plug & play technology.


Connect your well plate to our plug & play technology.


Become in control of changes over time.


Image your culture continuously and use your standard (end point) assays.

getting more data from your existing cell culture.


You can change drug concentrations over time, mimicking real-life pharmacokinetics or optimizing administration methods.


You can continuously control the exact pH or glucose level and change it instantly while simultaneously conducting measurements.


You can identify what timing and concentrations of your reagents are optimal for your cell culture, differentiation, or other processes.

what would you like to control over time?

how does the service work in practical terms?

gentler than a pipette.

Our microfluidic design is coupled to your standard 96 well plate.

Within seconds, it can now automatically replace the medium in the well homogenously and without shear stress.

Our automated dose- and mixing unit can provide different compound concentrations at any given time.

we are engineers and biologists who make solutions that simply work.

Jasmijn Büskens

System Engineer

Michiel Jannink

Managing Director

Tessa de Korte

Director of Biology

Berend van Meer

ir., PhD
Chief Technology Officer

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